Monday, October 23, 2006

first a610 picture, 1600 x 1200

first a610 picture, 1600 x 1200

Just a "shot" of the house across the street,
I wanted far distance and close up, in the same photo, so that
i could compare several resolutions. Comes out very nice,
for not having read the 132 page manual, just using the
"auto" settings. the
2046 x 1536 and the 2592 x 1944 RES
test shots came out a bit fuzzy, not quite set right or camera
But this image looks very very good.

I would have read the manual more but for the fact that as
when I get a new "something wonderful" everyone
else comes very first, and i have a "family" of about 160 other
seniors and they have such hard hard times dealing with any
electronics in any form whatsoever and I end up on "tech call" helping
a lady with her new printer so that shhe can send Birthday
cards to her huge extended family, much much more important
than having me read a manual!!

it is the older women,
i find, not the older men, who use computers!
In fact
a newcomer, I met for the first time last week, he is intelligent
and about my age of 65 and he has a Philosophy that there is
nothing worth while after about 1957. Downhill from that time
onwards! Thus most men live here as if it were 1995 and the
"Wagons have circled the campfire" around their lives:
NO computers, thenk you!
But the older women use computers
for to send email to their relatives, print out cards for
them, and communicate.
But they no Zilch about
"right mouse click" or "defrag" or of anything else: a computer
IS an "Appliance" to them, like of a Toaster!

be weeks before i can seize the time to actually "play" with
all of the settings for this wonderful looking

anyways....welcome to a610!

by freestone on 23 Oct '06, 9.31am EDT.