Wednesday, September 13, 2006

popcorn time

popcorn time, originally uploaded by freestone.

popcorn time
Friday movie night at the senior residence. Here at Georgia Belle
apartments for independant living, there are many things to do.
the 150+ residents can watch a movie on "friday night movie time".
Somone, years ago, donated this theater popcorn maker, and every friday it is wheeled out and popcorn is made. Often people have some with no intention of watching the movie, quite the "social hour"!
Movies are easy to get to watch, these days, with the VCR and tapes/DVDs. Most of the movies are of themes harking back to 1950, or so, but I have been surprised: THE RAIN MAN, and INDIANA JONES.

on can see dimly, behind the popcorn maker, the monthly calander, one can see dimly that there are a lot of activities.

the popcorn is good.

I cannot seem to be able to take pictures of the people. no one wants to have their photo taken and I have to respect this, their
Embarrassment is so profound, that i do not even try to take photos behind their backs!!
----again: there is really a double generation gap, between the 75 year olds and todays 30 year olds: the "standard one", and then there
is the ways of life of the 20s...30s..40s...50s, compared to the 60s onwards!

the older generations of the 40s/50s put everyone else ahead
of their interests and "acceptance" was a way of life and that one should never ever have ones picture taken unless one spent hours and hours preparing to "looking their very very best"!!

their conception of 1930 "proper civilization" , we all might call
"Fascism", where civilization comes before the individual, and that everyone should live second to civilization's collective way of life!
They might call *our* way of life..."too too self-centered"!

So some of this movie nightness, is to somewhat celebrate the 50s.

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