Monday, September 25, 2006

on a tropic day you can see Forever!

on a tropic day you can see Forever!
5th floor view to the North, the tropical air, directly coming from the Gulf of Mexico, is so clear that "one can see forever"!
Here I can see, from tallahassee, florida, usa, way up into Georgia to see thunderheads many many miles away.

Near dark too, just before sunset, that is why the trees are so dim-colored!

Northern "industrial" city people usually have a summer where the sky is very very hazy most of the time; in the far North, near the canadian border, in the usa, sometimes clear cool air comes down from the north.
But here in the tropic rain season, the air comes from the equator, and passes over the sea, over the Gulf and the carribean.
As clear as those images of sunsets over pacific islands!

hard to tell that there is a city residential neaiborhood under those trees.

---these reasons why i like tallahassee to live in.

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