Thursday, September 21, 2006

Brokaw McDougall house, from the side

Brokaw McDougall house, from the side
Brokaw McDougall house. An old plantation house of the Southern style. A side view, on a sunny late summer day.
Now used as the headquarters for the tallahassee city parks department.

Whenever I see this house, as I live a couple of blocks away, the house has long long ago been "swallowed" by the city so that there are only a couple of acres of land left to this house, I am reminded of that book written by a 1880 New York Times reporter who came here to report the capital news [tallahassee is the state capital].
the book, I think, was called TALLAHASSEE LADY; a book about a new york times reporter who came to report the capital news during the 1880s.
In the book, the reporter comes into the city by carrage, from the train station and as he passes by a plantation house *like* this one, he sees a pretty young lady in the yard. he soon gets to know her and falls in love with her. She, however, is Promised to another man in marrage, another plantation owner.
The book, in its writing techniques, Links the beauty of the area of the countryside that is of Tallahassee, with the beauty of this lady. He comes from the cold cloudy Northland where winter rules six months of the year and he arrives here in late january where the flowers are blooming and the trees are green and the sun shines brightly at 70 degrees or higher, even in January.
He learns to play the piano and begins to enjoy the Southern ways of life: his Soul Opens Up. Tallahssee and that lady inspires his soul to grow.

Alas, she gets married and he has to return back to New york, but he understands, anyways, that she could not live in the cold city of new York, even if he were to marry her!
Thus he knows that she must marry this other man, even as she Loves him more than he!

He returns to the north. At night, sometimes, in his dreams, he dreams of scented magnolias under a full moon. Thus When awake he knows that once his soul has Opened, he canappreciate the
beauty around him, even in new york city! He can live like he were still living in this strange and wonderful southern city, at least in his heart, even as he is walking the streets of New York!

Yes, a calm peaceful afternoon, late. The temperature might be 90 degrees, the wind is calm, the sky is summy and bright with calm clouds: just the romantic moment that Anything can happen, of wonder and Soul, a Moment from this Book.
Spanish moss dangles from the limbs, fig trees in the background, the house has rooms open to the public showing what life was like in 1880, for palntation people of the upper class. The smokehouse to the right. There is not a breath of wind, usually there is no wind, tallahassee has to be one of the cities with the lowest winds speeds of any city in the country. thus there is a very "mystical" feeling to scenes like of this, as the "calm-photo" and the reality, are the same, as far as wind is concerned!

This scene will look about the same on a January day too! Maybe 70 to 75 degrees. A bit lower, maybe even higher.

a nice place to visit, or to live. maybe to find one's very own "tallahassee lady", OR "tallahassee man"!


tallahassee, florida usa.

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