Thursday, August 31, 2006

a calm tropical day

a calm tropical day, originally uploaded by freestone.

a calm tropical day
From my 5th floor window, about 3 pm, the tropical rain season is Producing a shower for someone, miles away. You can actually see the rain falling from the top of this cloud!

tallahassee, florida usa

Note how clear the air is, and You would not know that there are houses under those trees.
The temperature is about 90 to 95 degrees, of course, normal for this time of year, mid-August. There is not a bit of wind either, Tallahassee is the least windy city in the country, as far as I know.

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Monday, August 28, 2006

the fat ooozy critter?!

the fat ooozy critter?!, originally uploaded by freestone.

the fat ooozy critter?!
well, a "fat oozy critter" shape in the clouds, seen from the 6th floor of my apartment building, looking west, about 6 PM.
The sun shines from behind this cloud, casting that "sunray" look.

I find it utterly amazing what shapes can be found in clouds!!

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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

the storm

the storm, originally uploaded by freestone.

the storm
a thunderstorm, looking to the west, at sunset time, from the 5th floor of my aprtment building.

tallahassee forida usa

just a nice view of a smal thunderstorm.

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Monday, August 14, 2006


Waiting!, originally uploaded by freestone.

"Waiting for the undertaker to come by and pick me up"!

In front of the georgia belle senior independant living facilites apartment, where i live....tallahahassee, florida, usa, is a place where people come out and sit and watch the street and SEE the people coming and going in and out.
Some just come out as they are Bored and nothing to do.
Others just come out to smoke as smoking is not supposed to happen indoors!

I have noticed that some seniors complain, in a slightly whinny voice, that they are bored today. Here these people are....retired, quit their jobs or housework, years ago, and it is *as if* they are sitting on a bus or train bench, awaiting the hearse that will come by and pick them up and carry them to the undertakers facilities!

I can understand "boredom" if the person cannot hear too well, cannot see too well, but most older people grew up in the 20s...30s, here at Georgia belle; the seniors of the great depression and WW II
time periods, when life *WAS* work, work dawn to dusk and beyond and when the work is Over, you just sit there like of a puppet where the puppet-master went out for lunch! The "one-trick horse" has finished his trick and noooow what?!
[older people surrounded by VCRs/DVD-players, where there are 595,092 movies availible for watching, 100 channels on the cable network, 3000+ books released each week]
but most people are "social-only" where once the people that they knew have past away, and their older relatives are gone, they are like
with nothing left!
[I once saw an older lady At Sea, in a cafeteria line, there were maybe 15 salads, 13 kinds of deserts, and she was a ship without a rudder, sail, motor, compass, wheel, or even a captain, as her husband had Gone, and Eisenhower was not There anymore to tell her what was good for her to order: she has to make her own choices now and years ago if you lived alone and had to make your own choices, this meant that


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Thursday, August 10, 2006

summer cloud

summer cloud, originally uploaded by freestone.

summer cloud
a late afternoon "almost" thunderhead, almost grwon enough to produce some rain.

Taken from my 5th floor window.
tallahassee, florida, usa.

probably is sprinkling under the cloud.

oooh, clouds come in SO many shapes, sizes, colors!

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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

peaceful late afternoon from my window

peaceful late afternoon from my window
A peaceful summer afternoon, seen from my 5th floor window.
Note how clear the sky is, the subtropics, here in North florida, even when thewind is not coming off of the Gulf, often is free of the industrial haze that plagues the Northern states and Europe.
Of course the temperature is about 90 to 95 degrees, at this moment, but that is normal on any sunny day that the rain season has no rain, like of today.
Not a breath of wind stirring, when I later walked outside. That is common here, a feather would fall like a slow-moving brick.

Here I am, looking out of my 5th floor senior living facilities apartment, onto what looks to be a forest! What I am actually looking at, here, are the treetops over houses! There are probably 50 to 100 houses, from here to the horizen, all under those trees.
If I were to climb up to the 12th floor, the view would be very similar, only the main streets with their strip mall-shops, would break the solid green of the trees.

"subtropical rain forest" One of two such areas in the country, I read. The first is near Miami, florida, this area is in North Florida.
60+ inches of rain per year.

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