Monday, July 31, 2006

thunderheads to the east

thunderheads to the east, originally uploaded by freestone.

thunderheads to the east
setting sun illuminates thunderstorms off to the east of tallahassee, florida, usa.

About sunset, the orangeness really comes through, in many colors and shades.

Here the rainfall is normally over 60 inches oer year.

Hereabouts there are frogs in your mailbox, frogs in the back of your pickup truck, frogs on the walls of your house, the summer temperature reads 80 degrees on the bank thermoneter, as i walk past this sign at 8 am!
"chirp"..."peep"..."bark bark", the busjes purr with small frogs, the trees bark with treefrogs, do not have one of these be in your bedroom at 3 AM, the sound is about 100 decebals!!

Maybe the tropical rain season has started now, here!

Uploaded by freestone on 31 Jul '06, 10.07am EDT.