Wednesday, July 05, 2006

tallahassee summer day

tallahassee summer day, originally uploaded by freestone.

tallahassee summer day
late afternoon, here in Tallahassee, florida, usa.

Yes, a street looking to the east, about 6 PM. note the palm tree above the curve sign, a mixture of tropical and temperate trees and plants. the air is "tropical clear", like of those south sea island photos that one often sees. This air is free of the haze that plagues the summer-north, as the airflow comes from Africa and the ocean south of Florida.
I read that up to 60% of the small particle dust, in North Florida, comes from the Sahara desert, thus as this land of the south is a "black homeland", the Africa comes to them, probably the very soil is african too!
How deep the Soul Roots!

the temperature is about 95 degrees in the shade, a humidity to wilt for. a typical tallahassee summer day that is dry.

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