Monday, July 17, 2006

rainy season storm

rainy season storm, originally uploaded by freestone.

rainy season storm
tallahassee florida usa.

Tis now july and the summer Monsoon is on. 4 to 15 inches of rain for June, July, August, spetember, and early October, *when* the monsoon works! Some years, like of this year, the monsoon falters
or is sporatic.
Just look at the "juicyness" of the clouds, so loaded with water vapor that all one might have to do, it seems, is to jab your unfulred umbrella upwards and then puncture a raincloud and down it comes!
Just see what a 75 degree dewpoint at 95 degrees can DO!
[no wonder the british called the hot season in Calcutta, "even the brass doorknobs seem Mushy"!

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