Wednesday, July 26, 2006

my take on the end times

---letter I wrote to someone in england concering the end times and the reality of today.

part two.....

hi again xxxxxx

well yesterday i found yet ANOTHER indicator that i had not yet noted correctly until now, another indicator that my life was supposed to be over in late 2004 or early 2005!

sobering, this....."free fall' slightly disturbs me, even though I know that spirit is behind it all. I cannot really tell if this was just of my death or of some great disaster that did not occur, for many deaths. or both.

at this point, i do not even know of the 2011/12 times, suppose that they could also pass by, those dates, without a blip!

it could just be possible, xxxxx, that we all die of death instead! that is....that at that Point in time, the sai baba message to me that the age rolls over on jan 27th of 2005, was really true but only for the astral heavens. from that moment on, anyone who comes to heaven after they die will go to heaven "B"! no more spirit-awakened people will go to heavens "A", the heavens that were in existance since who knows when, at least since 33 AD!
Oh, people will still incarnate from heaven A and will for some time, until there are no more souls in the A heavens.

"heavens" means ALL of the planes from the lowest astral hell worlds up the the 6th plane at least, up to some Spirit-determined level of planes only spirit knows about, i read that incarnations come out of the 5..6..7th planes, even a 4th level plane person who is supposed to incarnate will rise to face God for a moment on probably 7th and then come to earth.
*these* A heaven souls will still incarnate until, or at least until the earth has so many earthchanges that there are not enough babies born to incarnate into. when they die, they will not go back to A, they will go to B planes, if they can awake to have Spirit in their hearts and souls. In other words, the peoples of earth can come all at once to B, or they can come in the usual small dribbles as death takes them out in the standard way of the Horsemen: accidents, sickness, old age!

a True Splitting of the Paths!

so maybe this is one reason why you, xxxxx have little spitiual life from spirit, it is as if all of the teachers in the high school have been transfered to another school and you are still in the A school!

again: most of the souls from earth, now, when they die, will go to the heaven B. maybe some really soul-retarded souls will die and go back to the A planes.

NOW i can see what my other dreams will infer for my future! for when I die, i may well go to the A planes!! NOT the B worlds. I am to be there untill all of the souls either incarnate or go on to the B worlds, until
only the "evacuation group" of souls are left! till the 7 heavens and the hells are empty of souls except for the people who are Helping, including me. then we all will "turn out the lights"! then spirit will then "uncreate" these heavens.

much like a new school being built across the street and when it opens all of the kids are suppossed to transfer over but only a few do at first and then soon the laggards are urged to move, in more ever the strident tones; when the last kids are moved, the teachers and Staff, like the janitors and the kitchen people, can then move over.
then the bulldozers come.

it might even be that the REAL apocalpictic images of world being destroyed in fire and a Seen images, seen of the A heavens and A astrals that will be uncreated! but spirit will not uncreate these astral worlds until the souls all leave.

thus for us here, no earthchanges might occur at all! or perhaps earthhcanges will be REQUIRED, but then again, xxxx i do not know at this point.
tis a bit suspicious when the jan 27th 2005 is seven years from jan of 2012!

so increaingly, if my theory is true, people who die will be unreachible by psychics and mediums too! but then again i do not know even that.

more and more angel helpers must be leaving heavens A too, thus no more xmas presence of the angels either.

the earthplane might well be like of an old pub where a new pub opens across the street and at first only a few customers more over, then a barmaid or two will "desert" to get a job over there. finally only the very
conservative will be left as customers. and little service either as all the help has moved over.

looks like from here now, xxxxx, that i will not have a 'standard move over'! I, unless i will live in two worlds at the same time, live in A and B, i will not join the people in B! thus my aunt, my friends, as advertised in my dreams, will go to B planes and i will not be with them as i will go to
the A world!
there are probably still souls incarnating out of this A world too, and may well be for years and years! look at the Krisna dispensation 5000+ years ago where He brought the ego down, there are STILL souls here that have a deficentcy in ego, they still are at the tribal levels!

so that A reality may be around for awhile. the B worlds may acually be rather sparesly unpopualted for quite a while, bxxxx, as this new reality is for The Ages, for the long long haul of time, for the next billion years or so, there is no hurry. might even be that only 1% or 5% of the human race will go there afrer death, now, today; but then again that percentage could be much much higher, depending IF the second coming appears!
if He DOES somehow appear into our earthly A reality with his B presence, then a much much greater percntage of people living, during his Appearence time, will be B-reality a-going, when they die.

acually your "dead" spirit problem might acually be due to the fact that you ARE B-bound, after you die and that this new school is yet empty of guides as there are few there yet! the earthpeople have to arrive first!
thus you have your compass now pointed to B, some people around you are too, but yet others have their guides and angels as the angels and guides are still in the A realms!

I must look to the ancient Arrayan racial histoy to see what the Presence of the christ will work with the A abd B worlds.

"when the 10th avatar comes, he will be in the SHIVA mode.
as Shiva. he will end this world and begin the new world."

there, xxxxx.
the Presence will be of BOTH A and B.

thus probably some of us will have "dual citizenship" in the planes after we die. both A and B realms. but not many of us. most will go on to B.

But i have been shown that i will be in the A worlds until there is no more A world. As some kind of "helper" probably with the Crew, the Group that is there for this, to slowly empty the A planes out.

the new agers, i read about, their channelings infer that if this earth is earthchanged enough so that there are not good habiats for humanity, these A souls will then be incarnated upon ANOTHER earthplanet!
at least until the earth heals, but maybe new souls altogether will incarnate there on our earth.

thus what i am inferring, here, is that it seems that humanity will SPLIT into two groups. the B group will live in the spirit worlds without Incarnation to physical planes. B humanity will live, collectively and individually, in the spirit planes where spirit laws will be the way of physics.
the spirit guides and the Presence will try to get as many A people as possible to be able to Transfer over to the B heavens, around this time of the Presence.

[again: the "Presence" means either the Christ Appears to our physical eyes, in some way, where he can be seen to actually touch physical objects, or He either is still "in" the spirit worlds, but He affects us directly from there.]

*this* is what 2011/12 is all about, when mr Q, Qualtitcoatl, the mayan/axtec/toltec's Name for the Presence, when he appears to them, will Return to transfer us all over to B.
[I feel that His Presence is already here and felt!]

when the Presence leaves, or stops directing his energy downwards onto the earth from his spiirt world perch, then the Enrollment into the B
worlds will slow down or even cease, a Real True Final Judgement of souls.
when the Presence leaves, then the judgement is over and if you are still in the A worlds, to rolls could be then closed
[the 144,000 sealed.]

a long desription of all of this......