Friday, July 07, 2006

looking into the rainfront!

looking into the rainfront!, originally uploaded by freestone.

looking into the rainfront!
tallahassee florida usa.

The oncoming storm. Sky is dark and threatening, tis almost strange how one can look to see a wall of lighter sky approaching and then one might think that it is clearing up!


This is where the rain is! Probably two inches fell from this storm.

The puffy little clouds are the "runner clouds" that blow outwards
from the rainfront, nearly at ground level. The Thunderhead
is probably 50,000 feet tall.

since Tallahassee has over 80 thunderstorm days a year, I hope to have a lot of storm and cloud photos here, this summer and fall.

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Uploaded by freestone on 7 Jul '06, 9.17am EDT.