Friday, July 21, 2006

funnel clouds anyone?! With a man's head/shoulders at the top!

funnel clouds anyone?! With a man's head/shoulders at the top!
tallahassee florida usa. A storm photo taken from the 7th floor of Georgia belle apts. To the southwest.

There is an indication of two funnel-looking clouds within this storm, but both fizzled out in a few minutes.
Rain falls to the southwest.

I have discovered yet another of my ever "famous" "see the image of someone or something" in the clouds that I take pictures of, and then i find it later, or someone else points it out for me!
At the top of the cloud, at the right of the little cloudbottom funnel, right at the top of the photo, there is a powerful looking man looking towards the Northwest. You can see his head and shoulders, he looks mostly away from the camera, looking towrds somewheres far far off, maybe the Midwest!
another commentor, on my Xanga site, sees angels!

yes there is a whole group devoted to "shapes in the clouds" this photo will go there for sure!

I took another photo about ten to twenty minutes later, you can now see the development of the upper funnel into a real Threatening Thing!

But it fizzled out, after this.

the "cloudshow" i call the tallahassee area of the country, with over 80 thunderstorm days a year.

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