Thursday, June 15, 2006

swarming Fire ants!

swarming Fire ants!, originally uploaded by freestone.

swarming Fire ants!
tallahassee, florida, usa.

fire ants!
here in this city there is a fire ant nest about every 300 feet. This time of year the queen has the females swarm out with their wings and then they all take off to be mated with the drone males. they come out of their holes at the top of the nest and then find a blade of grass to take off on.

This bed of ants is about 200 feet from the main downtown intersection of two six-lane streets!

this "bed" of ants maybe is two feet across, probably as many ants in this colony as there are people in the city of tallahassee!
And every 200 to 300 feet, and that is just the fire ant species, the number of nests! Then you add all of the other nests of the other species.

do your math, ants Rule!

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