Wednesday, June 28, 2006

the spellchecker's nightmare!

the spellchecker's nightmare!, originally uploaded by freestone.

the spellchecker's nightmare!
tallahassee florida usa.

Here is a sign that fronts the tallahassee parks department
restored plantation mansion, where they have their headquarters.

Note the seal where the line at the bottom reads
"In God we Trus"
no "T"!

a mis-spelling!

[ I brought this their attention a year ago, and the secretary says that the signpainter back at the shop had ALREADY replaced this sign, as back at the shop they found another error of spelling! ]

Every time that I see this sign, I am reminded of several people's
"put down' of the city of tallahassee, and of the surrounding countryside where the Put Down is that this area of the country is filled with Rednecks without any intelligent mind at all!
[ the nearby county regularly has all of it schools from K to 12 get
a "D" or "F" grade. ]
the illiteracy rate here, by report by the council for Reading, is about 30 to 40 percent!!
I have met at least one person, in their 20s, who did not know their left from their right! I once asked for a chocolate doughnut hole, at a doughnut shop, and she gave to me a plain white Hole: she did not know chocolate was dark colored!


----I have found that the ability to Love, and to be loved, is far far far more important than of a good mind! I have met many Northern
men who were very Intelligent, but were heartless and could not feel, or express their feelings, at all! many non-feeling people are the Flamers of the internet.
the south used to have a saying about some Northerners, calling them "dammyankees"! I agree with this saying, these are
Northern people from the northern usa cities who are pushy and abrasive and tell you what is real and true and what you should do with your life, without a shred of compassion for *your* side of the story! Yes, many of these people spell perfectly! And i want these people just to Go away! They have no feelings, no Visions, little imaginations!

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