Monday, June 12, 2006

Smuts church

Smuts church, originally uploaded by ginnia64.

Smuts church
One of three orthodox churches in the vicinity of Smuts, Saskatchewan. Oddly enough, Smuts is a total ghost town, with only one farm located beside some rundown buildings. Yet there is still the Smuts sign on the highway, and the Smuts road, which is close to where we live.

freestone says, in the comment section:
oh I grew up on a high hill prairie in upstate ny! oh that open Space!
I love it!
I always have been mystified by the canadian prairie states, there are so many ethnic eastern europe people there, i read.

I may use this one for my blog, gives to me a feeling of my own County, but now i live next to "Alberto", next to the Gulf of mexico, and the tropic rain season, hopefully, will soon begin!

There was a spiritual teacher, in 1972 Ithaca, ny, who quoted someone about how "seeing far vistas make for having far visions"

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