Saturday, June 17, 2006

the oxygenated wheelchair

the oxygenated wheelchair, originally uploaded by freestone.

the oxygenated wheelchair
tallahassee, florida, usa.
Georgia belle Apartments, for Independant Living, for seniors.

I live right next door to this man, the next room over.
So here, in this blurry photo, is a testament to a man who can sort of get around on foot, but if he wants to really go anywheres, he has to use this wheelchair. There is a tank of oxygen behind the back of the chair, and then there is that breathing tube that you can see on the seat. he has to use this to breath, often, he needs that extra oxygen.

A younger person might say, "oh how said that his life has come to this, 70+ years old and he must use this chair to get around and he is tethered to an air tank"!

An old person might say, on the other hand, "Oh how wonderful modern technology is, here is a man who can live Independently
and not be in a end-state-nursing home, gasping for breath at every second, with the least bit of exertion! Slowly sufficating."

that the cup half full, or half empty?!

Thus this chair is a testomony to this man and of his currant life, behind that door, to your left.

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