Monday, June 05, 2006

Mount Rushmore, the line of US presidents [a cloud image!]

Mount Rushmore, the line of US presidents [a cloud image!]
tallahassee florida usa

a sunset onto a cloud makes this cloud glow orange. some rain fall under this, makes the lower part of the cloud look hazy.

I have not "photoshopped" this image at all!

this is "Mount Rushmore", the Shape suggests, that rock-carved mounument of the United states presidents, there in the black hills of South dakota! see the line of presidents in the clouds!


I just placed this photo of mount rushmore along side of my cloud photo, the exactness is UNCANNY!
Here I had two windows open, side by side, my photo and the "real" mt Rushmore photo, on my monitor, and the exactness was to me, very very Disturbing!

---my seeing a tv-image of this mt Rusmore, the next day, was even the MORE unsettling!

here is a letter that I wrote, to a prophecy forum, about my cloud photo....

hello everyone.

I first posted this in the "anything goes" section, and the post sunk like a rock, no replies and hardly read!

but I feel that this event should get much *much* more attention!

Here I was, outdoors with my camera and taking pictures of the pretty sunset storm clouds, and I took this one.

Later, i lookedat the uploaded image and low and behold the cloud had a familiar look to it! why the top of the cloud looked quite like that group of carved presidents atop mt rushmore, there in South Dakota!!
I went to look up in flickr a photo of these presidents and Amazing, the outline is *EXACT*!
---is where this photo is to compare. I would suggest taking and opening each link two a separate window so that two windows are side by side and the cloud's outline and the rocky outline are the same.

The next day I was walking through the best Buy store and then I passed by those 60-plus tvs, that row of televisions and they all were getting the same cable feed, and there were reviews of movies, apparently.
But right this moment was an image, up close, of the Mt Rushmore presidents! I do not see this everyday, these presidents!

Suddenly, all of the tvs had the same image, the faces coming
apart in an earthquake and cracks in the ground sent lava flowing out all over the parklands.

I later found out this movie-preview was a preview for a made-for-tv move called....

"10 05 apocalypse "



I'm a sucker for a good disaster movie. I will watch anything that involves unthinkable cataclysmic environmental disasters showcased in highly stylized fashion. If the script is good and the actors are committed to the far-fetched scientific jargon they're forced to spew in order to support the occurrence of unlikely gargantuan atrocities, I can stomach just about any type of monstrous global weather plot.
Apocalypse's theory that a gigantic earthquake centered in Los Angeles could somehow reverse and speed up the movement of the tectonic plates beneath the earth's surface causing a new fault line – the Midwestern fault – to tear the United States right down the middle from North Dakota to the Gulf of Mexico. But I didn't.

That's not to say that Apocalypse didn't try to win me over. Going for the jugular with whole cities disappearing into sink holes, boats being devoured by tidal waves and people being engulfed by volcanic ash, the miniseries embraced every possible disaster scenario.

too too Coincidental for me to ignore, this synchronism!!

the red flag has been thrown down onto the playing field, snychronsim Alert!

---may take to 2008...2012 to fulfill!

what spiritual mechanism, I wonder, would evoke this cloud to have this image imposed upon it, then have me take a picture of it? Then have me see a movie preview?
A preview of a movie about a fault line ripping through the whole north american contenent, essentually blowing up mt rushmore.

a symbol of the ruining of america finacially or politically?!
*the* apocalypse?!

----maybe the movie is a Prophecy in and of itself! has anyone seen this movie, or the tv program?! is the Tiltle, the "10 05" numbers prophetic.
is there some hidden meaning, inspired by Angels or Guides, in this movie?


All i know is that I have a cloud that looks like mt rushmore and a tv-image of mt rushmore falling down, in a large earthquake, with firey lava at the base of it!



too coincidental, the images.

but for me to say that this whole event, the sychncronism of the tv-movie preview, in Best Buy store, portends the upheaval America; is having me stick out my long long neck!
So i will let you all, who are the Prophets and the psychics, to ponder if this is true or not, i will just, here, submit the photo!!
YOU make the judgement call.....

mt rushmore in the sky........


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