Friday, June 23, 2006


my vision, how civilization will end!

hi all....

Well, the other day, I recalled a Vision that I had, years ago, one of those "indigestible" dreamvisions, a dream that gave to me no real way to date or to imagine when this event will happen. Thus I let this vision sink back into forgetfulness!

I was hospitalized, with Empyma/pnumonia in late 1993, I was in the hospital for about 20 days and I barely survived. About the third day in the hospital, i had this rather short dream, a dream with just one large image, with a "voice" speaking, sometimes.

What I saw in my Vision, was what appeared to be a kind of "shaft" of lighter material running from the ground to the sky, an area of "interest" about twenty feet in diameter.
I noted that at the bottom of this area there was a circle about 20 feet across and the ground looked as if the ground was transparent to a degree such that I, the on-looker, could see deep down under the ground.
Strange what I saw, I saw what looked to be random animals like of Florida manatees or Whales swimming in water, as if i were in a helocopter about 400 feet above the ocean surface. I could see that these critters were alive.

then i heard the Voice speak!
----I cannot recall the exact words, but he, a man's voice, told of how these animals are partly non-material, Astral, beings, that they are maybe 80% "non-material" and that they live 100 to 300 miles under the surface of the earth! [Thus they swim about, in the semi-liquid magma, above their "surface" of their "earth", the inner core of the planet, I suppose. but even if one were to appear on our surface, we could not see it, as they are only slightly appearing in our vibration plane of the material earth!]

Then I looked above the column to see yet a second 20 foot hole
into yet another reality. "up there", i could see an image of a young Boy, maybe 12 years old, sitting on a bench. There was a Cobra snake
wrapped around one of his arms! There was a brahma bull standing near him, a tropical plant framed the bench behind him. he had a Trident in his other hand!
[upon awakening, I recognized this whole thing! This was a Painting!
In India, in the 1800s, there were few paintings of the Hindu Gods, they were mostly statues. A, I think, german visitor, stayed in India for years; he was a painter and he painted a picture of the Hindu God SHIVA. This painting became very very instantly popular. probably by now there are millions of copies of it, and of similar variations, all over India.]

Then this Voice continued to speak.....
it told of how this Personage on the bench was Shiva and that he will end the world, end civilization when He chooses. He will end
civilization by giving the orders and the Influences down to these Astral
entities that are 200 miles under the earth's surface. These beings affect the molton magma and these beings can only be influenced by High beings like of Shiva.
Shiva will order the critters to have many of the volcanoes all over the earth to erupt all at once, and earthquakes will occur, too, everywheres!! Never-ending volcanoes and earthquakes will occur, in short succession.
---end of vision!

yes, i can well imagine how just 3 to 5 of the super-volcanoes, plus about 40 of the "regular" volcanoes, erupting for ten years, will ruin the air, the land, the water, making for a volcanic winter", and that many many earthquakes will bring out utter ruin to many structures. Then add the bird flu and aids, as all of the survivors scramble all over the world, with nuclear missiles to force food and shelter with: bad bad scene!!

the Hindu people see this Figure to be called "Kalki", and it is to be a
manifestation of the Creator/destroyer manifestation of the Hindu
Trinity, in this case Shiva.
He will come, they say, wearing a robe of red, riding a white horse, bearing a rod or a sword in hand, to end this age and to begin the next age!
[where oh where is that same figure described?!!
--the book of revelations!]

no date.
no time.

thus I can guess it will NOT be a astroid, nor wwIII, that will ruin our civilization; just 40 volcanoes going off at once, mixed with earthquakes!

[an aside from me!
I read an anthropologist's article, years ago, where he pondered the 'why" of why the ancient Toltec/mayan/Olmec/Aztec people's had the same EXACT Gods as does India?! only the names were different. he pondered a cultural infusion from India.
I read later of a psychic who wrore of this same idea, only that the similar India-culture of these new world peoples was brought by the Founding entities from the heavens and that these Entities were the same as from India! Thus "Quetzalcoatl " ,who founded the beginnings of the Toltecs and he was responsible for the setting up of the Timeclocks of their ages, was the Entity that began also the classic India civilization!]


if mr Q ans Shiva is the same entity, then 2011/12 is a good guess for
the Timing of my vision!! It was He that began the counting calander of the Long Count, and this count is to come to an end!