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Interlaken, my home town

Interlaken, my home town, originally uploaded by freestone.

Interlaken, my home town
My hometown of Interlaken


Also doch: Interlaken liegt nicht nur zwischen Brienzer- und Thunersee, – es liegt auch zwischen Cayuga- und Seneka-Lake. Diese lang gezogenen Seen im Staate New York, hart an .......

A german tourist perhaps took this photo on his trip, the cars look a bit old. "Black and white", how fitting, a memory of the past, my past, at that.
Every ten years they build one house here, they had just finished a house when I moved back there for 1993...1998.
600 people. real small.
The post office near that flag at the upper left, why this building is about 400 feet from a cornfield!
what you see here is about 1/5th of the town!
Look at all of the traffiic! That road runs for miles and miles in a straight line, just look at all of the traffic!

Some of the buildings are over 130 years old.

this town *IS* the home of the Twilight Zone, yes it is and this is "for real" as Interlaken is the home of the twilight Zone.

----This tape has Serling's classic episode "Walking Distance", November 14, 2001
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In Rod Serling's classic episode "Walking Distance," Martin Sloan (Gig Young) leaves his car at the gas station and walks into his hometown, where suddenly everything is just as it was when he was a child. In fact, he encounters his younger self (Michael Montgomery), and has to come to terms with the fact that he has not been happy with his life for a long, long time. The episode, directed by Robert Stevens, is one of Serling's best evocations of nostalgia, with a cast that includes Pat O'Malley and young Ronnie Howard. "Kick the Can" was George Clayton Johnson's final script for the series, and was the episode adapted by Steven Spielberg in "Twilight Zone the movie.
---there were, in the 50s, when Rod Serling wrote this, two gas stations and two soda shops, you can one gas station and one location of the soda shop.
Martin Sloan meets his 10-year old self, i think, by the merrygoround, and this item was not in a park, it was behind that high school
[see pic]. i played on it often, in the 50s, as well as having soda in both soda shops, and later getting gas from both stations!


Subsequent to The Twilight Zone, Serling moved onto cinema screens.

Years of stress and heavy smoking caught up with the writer in his final years. In 1975, the 50-year-old Serling suffered two heart attacks before entering a Rochester hospital for heart bypass surgery. He had another heart attack during the operation and died the following day. He is interred at the cemetery in Interlaken, New York, a part of upstate New York featured prominently in episodes of The Twilight Zone. By the same ironic token, cigarettes are featured in many episodes.

---Serling had his summer home on the lake about a mile away and he often came to town to buy his supplies, like in the IGA to the left.
many of his Twilight Zone stories had this town as a setting.
Thus, Interlaken is the home of the twilight zone!

30 to 100+ inches of snow per year and the "secret" about the weather is that one does not put the winter coats or blankets away, in June, you might need them before the end of August!

In the very German-liking Finger lakes, there are many wineries and many wonderful views and trails.

1200 miles away from where I live now, in tallahassee, florida.

"walking distance": but i DID go home again, and i lived right in the town for about four years. I did not meet my 10 year old self, the soda shops are gone, the merrygoround is gone, but the town and its people remain, as well as Rod Serling's grave in lakeview cemtary, what do you know, i did not know here was buired in Interlaken until I googled a bit for Serling info!
Buired in the Twilight Zone.

maybe I did not meet my 10-year old self as i seem to carry this Twilight Zone around with me where ever I live!


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