Tuesday, June 13, 2006

hurricane alberto sunset

hurricane alberto sunset, originally uploaded by freestone.

hurricane alberto sunset
tallahassee, Florida usa.

Tropical storm Alberto.

Looking to the North northwest, from my 5th floor Apartment stairs landing, about sunset, the sun just about to set, and I took this photo of the cloudcover of Alberto. The cloud shield extends to the horizen and then the sun shone under it, here, now, the first rains are beginning to fall, but over to the NNW, still clear, where the sun is.
That is.....the edge of the huge rainshield, of this tropical storm Alberto, has come Northward to where it has covered all of the sky except near the NW horizon, and the sun sets in the clear sky and shines under the shield and illuminates it from below.
here, light rain has begun to fall.

Looks omenious and dangerious, the light portends interesting Times to come, for all who live under this approaching cloud shield!

Uploaded by freestone on 13 Jun '06, 9.26am EDT.