Wednesday, June 28, 2006

happy singing

happy singing, originally uploaded by freestone.

happy singing
Tallahassee, florida, usa.

At Georgia Belle, where I live, the Independant living center for seniors, there was a small church singing and message service, a service that I only partially attended, as I was outdoors taking evening pictures after a three inch rainfall, after a long drought.
[ Tallahassee eats three inches of rain like it is nothing! Got to rain 6 inches at a time to give problems! ]
I came back to see one of the church visitors, after their service, sitting down at the piano and singing a very very good voice, playing a hymn. Some of these visitors are also seen in the mirror.
The older lady was very very impressed. There were about 30 people attending, even late at night after a first hour-long service.
[ many people go to bed and are in bed, by 7 PM!! ]

there are many such from-outside services here, from several churches and one church in particular comes with many of their regulars. Plus the sings, plus the usual in-house church services.

why so much "church"?!
---the Bible belt south.
---the older traditional way of life from the 20s and 40s.
---the Interest: when you see that Tombstone just ahead, on your life-path, you cannot deny any longer your Mortality! The ambulance comes several times per week, and everyone knows that someday it might well come for them! Get right with God, now.....thus many do that!

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