Monday, June 19, 2006

the critic.

---comment letter to a mod-maker for neverwinter nights who was tired of people tearing apart his mod!


well this is Freestone again, later in the day I had more comments that I thought of, to add.

In a sense, R...., you are a 'victim' of the very creative Times that we all now live in! What I mean is....That since the late 60s, here in America, at least, the way of individualism has occurred where people have been encouraged to express their own true selves and to "let it all hang out" as the 70s hippies sung!

thus the very Western freedom that gives to you, the freedom to create such a module masterpiece, also gives the very same freedom to all of the "kids", the angry, the urban hip-hoppers, to express their true self souls! There is little social suppression or oppression today about self-expression so that people now a days will express *exactly* their feelings about something like of a work of art and they will sometimes express this in very bitching terms if they see nothing good in the art!

nothing good for THEM, in this art that they see!

probably 90% of the world could care less if your mod disappeared forever! Another 9% have seen it and for them the mod mucks big time and they will not be gentle in expressing their naked souls!
[you are appealing to a very *very*
small group of people with this mod!!]

in the "old days" where civilization was still dominant, still in force, then people were "afraid" to express themselves openly and thus there was a layer upon layer of "politeness" to any critic's review.
this went away around the early 70s.

If you want "civilization' where the group mind is larger than the individual, and the citizen adopts TO
the way of life in force, yes adopt to, become, the way of life of the mass is more important than one individual's thinkings, then you should do this:
yes there is a major way of life that exists in the world where civilization is greater than the person's own beliefs and they are indeed afraid that the West will overwhelm them.
You could move there and join up with them! However, hardwired in this way of civilization is the need to convert the rest of the world to their religion and terrorism is a Tool for to accomplish this!

[note that there has been hardly any movie, book, play, video game made in the last 300+ years, in the Muslim countries! Not good to do, there, they see that as not needed in one's life!]
yes, move to Iran, Algeria, wherever the Taliban has requiting offices and then sign up! Then have your wife cook and clean for ya and wear that veil!

thus R... I have to admit that I *highly* approve of all of the bitchers
complaining about your mod! If they truly believe, in their hearts, that it is 'crap" then they should express this outrightly! Even the more so!

but be aware that a 1 Meg pixel digital camera will have such a low resolution that no amount of "photoshopping"
will ever get a good image from this camera, the res is just not enough: same with most of the critics of your mod! They have not the education, the experience, the Soul, for the Mod!
[you can show a Picasso painting to a flock of crows and all you will get for review is a "Caw" or three!]

So that is the paradox, R..., the more abuse these people heap upon your module, the more freedom of expression there is in the world for these people to express their views on!

just think, R..., back in my hometown in upstate new York, in the early 1950s, a young man would find the first job that he could get and stick with it as long as the factory was in business, why I once met a man, in Rochester, NY, who worked in THE SAME ROOM FOR 60 YEARS!
then, the "psychology of adjustment" was the self-help book in vogue. Women went to college in order to find a man.
you settled down to go to church every Sunday and valued "stability" over all, for all of your lifetime!
no games.
no mods.

so this sword has two very very sharp edges and cuts both ways, *must* cut both ways!
the freedom you have must also be the same exact freedom your critics have!

may they really really go at it, in mod-criticism, in the future!!