Friday, June 16, 2006

1880 store sign

1880 store sign, originally uploaded by freestone.

1880 store sign
tallahassee florida usa.

On main street, a building was torn down to make room for a new highrise condo and the space between the porperties was all of about six inches. Ehen the wrecking crew removed the north wall of the old building, the side windows appeared from the building next door, apperently they had long long ago walled up the three or so windows on the side ot their building.
Around 1860 to 1900, or so, Gilt lettering was the fashion for large windows to advertise their businesses. If I recall the Democrat article right, this store was once a hardware store and this part of a word, "chase" was part of a longer sentence.

I cannot get more of this, the 5 to 6 inches is too too small and dark!

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