Wednesday, May 03, 2006


waiting, originally uploaded by freestone.

the entrance of Georgia Belle senior independant living facilities, where I live. Tallahassee, florida, usa.

Empty seats, the smokers and "porch sitters" are not here now.
Many retirees seem to sit half the day, waiting for the Sun To Go Down, on their lives.
Note how the shadow of one of the ceiling lights casts over one of the seats by the behind sun!
Then *that* shadow is again casted a second time onto the door glass, creating a reflection of it! This gives the peacefull scene a kind of sense of Mystery, almost supernatural! All three lights, or the shadows of lights, make an equal-sided triangle! A fantastic arrangement indeed!
[almost like the "holy Trinity"!]
Thus there are a whole group of these light globes, where there is a reflection from a refleaction!!

here is a late afternoon at the Independant living senior home, Georgia belle, where I, myself, live, at now 64 years old. Once in a while I sit here too, but i love to take walks, why there are several residents, here, that walk for miles every day. i do not sit here much because this also is the place where the smokers sit! I react to that smoke, my lung damage....

rarely empty of people, but on this day there is no one here. The sut and watch the world go by, and smoke their cigs and gossup about those who are not sitting here, perhaps

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