Monday, May 08, 2006

Tallahassee street after rain

Tallahassee street after rain, originally uploaded by freestone.

Tallahassee street after rain
Tallahassee, Florida, usa.

Alive Oak lined street with old "historical" houses lining the street, in the Historical district: now-a-days only lawyers can afford to keep them up, most of these houses are now law offices. Yes, Spanish moss drapes from these trees, 60+ inches of rain per year, here in what I have read is America's only Subropical rain forest, here and just south of Miami.

here about 6 Pm, after a rain, look to the North, a local tree lined street. the "deep South" all right. So many airplants, so much vegetation, why I learned at my forest ranger school, just before it burned down [another story], that a tree grows here in 7 years as much as a tree in Michigan grows in 21 years. "Planted Pine Trees" are here considered a farm crop!

There are many many streets like this here in tallahassee.

Ater a rain, like of today, every plant is lush and green. Yes, for those from other places, in the world, this here Tallahassee area might seem to be
"paradise on earth", where maybe you, the reader of this, might be living in some northern climate where the sun has yet to warm the leaves to come out, my Aunt writes to me how up in my upstate new york hometown the leaves are still in bud-form and the temp still goes to freezing at night.
---at a Cost, of course! On a sunny day the temp will go to 90 degrees far., of course. Then there are the times when the "shooting gallery" is active: the hurricanes!!

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