Tuesday, May 30, 2006

my high school in Interlaken ny. I graduated in 1960. about 29 kids in my graduating class, the largest class to date. All 400 high school kids from 8th to 12th, under one roof.

those were the days, a good education, corn fields out back, could walk home from school and one mile away, where i lived, was rural.

real windows that opened. no AC, but in upstate ny, who needs that! real food prepared by real people, no chemicals in the air, wall lockers.

no feeling of being in jail, no wonder the kids of today wear their pants down low as that is what new jail inmates wear as they have to have their belts removed, i read, so that they will not use them to kill or to commit suicide and as *every* kid just feels nowadays, that schools *ARE* jail and that they are inmates, not pupils!

so guaze upon a school that does not exist anymore, even ICS now has been "super-consolidated", for political reasons, of course

[why oh why do the kids ALWAYS come last?!!!]