Friday, May 19, 2006

the magnolia

the magnolia, originally uploaded by freestone.

the magnolia
here at tallahassee, florida, usa, the magnolias grow Wild!

the Southern magnolia. The Indians says that if someone were to sit down under a tree in flull bloom, they would fall asleep from the strength of the sweet perfume flowers.
This one flower is SO white that apparently the color overwhelmed my camera a bit! The flower is about five inches across! The tree is evergreen. They begin to bloom, here, about the middle of April.
I have discovered that one can plant them in places far far removed from the subtropics, like in England.

So along the Gulf coast of America, they grow wild, one can find small trees along hedgerows and in woods.

Ah...the mystery of the American South is wrapped up in this flower.
10,000 books, many many movies, and many romances, are linked to this flower.

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