Monday, May 22, 2006

events at Georgia Belle

events at Georgia Belle, originally uploaded by freestone.

events at Georgia Belle
I live at Georgia Belle, a senior independant living facility, in tallahassee, florida, usa.

here in the evevator, is a calandar of the monthly activities for the month of May.[difficult to get a straight shot in an elevator!]

There are about 150 residents here, and many take part in some activity. hidden in this building is a library, a meditation room, a grocery store, a computer room, a beauty shop, an art studio.

Lots to do.
There are some people, though, who do little here, and not because they are "negative". some of the "younger" residents, 62 or so years of age, live "centered" to the outside world. many many of the activities, here, are centered around the mindset of the 1950s person! [there are people here over 90 years of age!] groups...knitting.

but something for all....

But still, there are people here who sit around bored and depressed, and gossup, sometimes, about the people here.

a city to itself.
There are Romances, intrigues, hugs....never too old for marrage. there are several married couple here that fell in love after they moved in, married in their late 70s.

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