Monday, May 08, 2006

autism: two disibilities


hi all...

here is my second newtopic of today, being new to the forum.

a new autism forum, mostly for adult with high level autism

I have seen Autism whether aspergers or high level functioning, in adults, to be the "second condition" of the person, and the "first condition"
I have found, is affecting the person WORSE than the autism!!

what is this second condition?
---why it is the "poor self image" that comes from being put down, from childhood onwards, from everyone around you and then you internalize
this self-image and then you begin to belive it and then you live your life from then on believing it!
Anyone who walks a different path, is like that fish in a school of fishes that swims at different angles to the rest of the fish.

an ice cream shop where there is a line of teen age kids. all of them have only a choice of vanillia or strwberry, thus the clerk ends up in a loop routine of saying the same things over and over and he ends up fanticizing while dishing out ice cream.
*then* the 1q140 Aspergers teen comes up. he asks whther this vanillia
is "natural" and also what is in it. the clerk is angry that his train of thought is interrupted. the kid picks up this anger like of a shock wave coming at him. thus the kid ends up feeling that it is his fault that the clerk is angry. he cannot take it anyways from anything that this anger is directed at him and he is the One that is the odd man out.
repeat this scene about 500 to 5,000 times a year, in every single social action, or sports clumseynesses!!
soon he belives that there is something wrong with him.

---thus even if there is some "theraphy" that might actually help this person become more "functioning" in the world, a theraphy that is "kind" to autism people, the issue of the poor self image has YET to be addressed and this issue will then become the real "killer" for his higher functionings after theraphy!
For as long as he feels that he is "not right", or that "it is my fault", his self-functionings will be imared!

Thus i feel that maybe this image-issue should be addressed not only first, but made to be of more important, in the counselings of the autistic person, or in his teachings as to how he could have a higher level functioning!