Monday, May 08, 2006

after the Sunday service.

after the Sunday service., originally uploaded by freestone.

after the Sunday service.
here at Georgia Belle senior apartments, there are many many church services, Bible study hours, and sings.
Several ministers in attendance. well attended by many.

Many of the attendees are women, just as with other church activities.
This 6 PM service, maybe 30 to 40 attended.

Many seniors, here, read their Bibles devotedly, they grew up in more religious times, and that too, they see their "end of their life-path" ahead of them!

I cannot attend very well, comfortably, as my MCS, my Multiple chemical sensitivities does not handle perfume very well, and ooooh they perfume themselves so much these days!
[secret: perfume = "cleanse onself from Evil", an Ancient symbol; one perfumes well before meeting the Lord in church!]

The Sunday minister, the Preacher, gives very very good sermons, I caught the end of tonight's service sermon, where I learned very well the Bible difference between Sin, and "sins"! Jesus saves somone and He saves the person from Sin, the sin-nature of the human races, whereas a saved person still can, and does, has his "sins", the things that he...she continues to do, in the old mindset of "pre-salvation", the things of the "earth" that partake of that original Sin [nature]. Thus it is an never-ending
mission, for a saved person, to overcome those old sins-habits of the past!

too much a task to try to take a picture of 30 seniors and the preacher, here, too too much "confidentuality" issues!

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