Friday, April 28, 2006

view from the 11th floor

view from the 11th floor, originally uploaded by freestone.

view from the 11th floor
tallahassee, florida, usa.

view from the 11th floor of
Georgia Belle Apartment, looking to the east, about 2 pm. Even at the 27th of April, one can see how the subtropical sun is really bright, the light has a "whiteness " about it, the tropic intensity.

Probably a hospital off to the ENE. What is not apparent here is that you are not looking at a park of woodland, you are looking over the roofs of hundreads of houses and other buildings!! the "foreground" where you see aprtment complexes and houses, extends all of the way out to the horizen. The whole city is like of this except for the areas along the main six lane strip-mall streets!

maybe 90 degrees now, been five to eight days in April so far, of 90. There are about 100 days a year of 90 degrees, here!

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