Wednesday, April 05, 2006

the regulars

the regulars, originally uploaded by freestone.

the regulars
Late afternoon at Georgia belle apartments for Independant living, tallahassee, florida, usa.
The front entrance is where a lot of residents sit for their outdoor breaks. Mostly the smokers sit here, however, and it is strange that now all over the country it is the smokers who breath the fresh outdoor air!

One of the fellows, here, is about 85 and he "laughs at colestrolol", as he says: he eats anything that he wants to and is very active in life.
[I know a tallahassee barber who is 90 years old and works all day long and he has a stomach that would scare any
"anti-obsesity" health fanatic, probably he would weigh 240 on the scales and that he eats all of the wrong things!]
There is a 83 year old grandmother here who plays rpgs on her SNES console game system!
There is an 84 year old man who plays tennis several days a week!

Here at Georgia Belle, there are happy people, sad people, really a Microcosm
of any group of people, about 160 people live here.

Some, as a desk person told me, "some little old ladies are quite content to stay in their rooms all day long and write letters and read their Bibles", but a couple of people go outside and walk from three to six miles a day!

---about four times a month the ambulance and fire trucks come, with their medics, and everyone here Knows that someday this ambulance will Come For Them!

we all are just a little bit further along, on the Time's Conveyor Belt of life, and that each of us now sees off in the not-very-distant distance, our tombstones.
[of course the young do not have to think about the Ending of life in old age, but they do not think about accidents, sickness, plane crashes, etc: they can Leave just as quickly!]

So the people here live without talking about "mr death" too too much. But now is the Time of life when one cannot really "deny" any longer the enevitible, and some face it hopefully, and some face it sadly or fearfully.

But many of these "regulars" will still be sitting outside years from now, there are some residents who have lived here for 10...15...or more, years. Yes, there is still time to enjoy life, to learn from living, the lessons of one's soul. Even if one cannot
play a sport well anymore, there are many things one can still do well: write, read, walk...etc...etc...or just relax as there now are no "timeclocks" to allign your daily life to!

so these regulars will be sitting out here, or in back by the garden, tomorrow, the day after, and perhaps for years yet to come.

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