Tuesday, April 18, 2006

nice spring morning

nice spring morning, originally uploaded by freestone.

nice spring morning
tallahassee, florida, usa.

a nice 7 AM morning, on march the 18th, the view from my 5th floor apartment.
The temperature is maybe about 55 degrees, might make 70 to 75 today.

Looks like solid woods out there as if I lived next to a woods.


Under all of those trees are older
near-downtown houses! the vegetation is so thick that these buildings cannot be seen. This is one reason why I like this area of the country.

I learned in forestry school that it takes a tree seven years to grow the same height as a tree in the Northern states grows in 21 years!

railroad ties rot in only a few years, one cannot ever pick up a "walking stick" from a piece of dead wood lying on the ground as this stick would crumble in your hands! In my hometown area of Upstate new york, a dead stick is perfectly usable to support one's weight as a walking stick, for years and years, just lying on the wood's floor under the trees.

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