Monday, April 10, 2006

flowers on the fence

flowers on the fence, originally uploaded by freestone.

flowers on the fence
some tropical flower on a fence, tallahassee, florida, usa.

I do not recall the species name of this plant, I read that it is regarded as a weed all over the tropical world, an invasive plant.

In my upstate new york hometown area of Ithaca new york, a lady wrote an emotional letter to the editor. she ranted about all of the invasive plants in upstate new york.
[yes those pretty pretty roadside flowers she had extremely low regard for! the chicory, the thistle, the queens anne lace, she put down.]

I almost wrote a letter in response telling her that maybe *we* white people should go back to Europe as we are invasive too, and leave the americas to the Indians! But then again the Indians are *also* invasives, they should go back to Asia too!

so here s an invasive plant, I love this plant, I want more of them!!

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