Wednesday, April 19, 2006

the Door: the angel

the Door: the angel, originally uploaded by freestone.

the Door: the angel
here at Georgia belle aprtments for independant living, are about 150 Doors, 160 residents. Each person who lives here is over 62 and most are retired. there are a number, here, who are over 90, maybe there are 50 people who are over 83. Some have lived here for over ten years.
Each Door has something on it that reflects the person behind the door.
There are many American Flags, cute-sey
artifical flowers, and plastic "somethings". But there are many surprises, there are many creative people here.
Too, tis interesting how that there are a number of Doors *without* any decorations! usually the person behind such a door is a batchlor single man.
A couple of these men have basicly a tv and a bed, maybe a table and chair, and little else, and nothing of "art"!
[just like they were like 30 years before!]

There are Society-type ladies who have hats on their doors, retired veterans who have six flags; 12 floors of Doors.

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