Friday, April 28, 2006

the Angel of the 7th floor

the Angel of the 7th floor, originally uploaded by freestone.

the Angel of the 7th floor
Here is another floor of Georgia Belle aprtments for senior Independant living, another floor, where in front of the elevator, on the wall above the table, is a painting.
There is no title, just below the camera is the signer's name and the date, sometime in 2003.

Near this floor is an art studio, where teacher volunteers teach painting in water and oil, there has been a wonderful man who has been coming here for years, to teach about 10 students at a time.
I would thus guess that this painting has been done by a resident, and I do not know if she still lives here.

[ I suspect that the painting of Jesus, also here in my photos, was also done by a resident]

So here is the Georgia Belle Angel. A painting done in subtle faint tones, very hard to take a picture of, being looked "washed out" even by naked eye.

I am assuming that a resident painted this, because of the presence of that studio nearby. The person probably is a lady, and she would have to be 62 years old, or older. There are several ladies in their 90s living here now.
What was she thinking, as she chose this subject?
---the idealism of her youth, maybe not quite realized, thus a slight lament for Dreams not lived?
---the presence of an angel, as she conceives what an angel would look like, in a human form, here on earth?
---the Innocence of The Young Girl, untainted as yet by living her life in the world?

Now her Sun might be Setting, for this painter, maybe she is trying to grasp what she will look like when she gets to heaven?! That she will now live in Innocence, to wander in wonder about a heavenly garden.
Now, however, she might be using a walker to get about, she cannot go readily outdoors, she can see but dimly, she also cannot hear so well. She knows four doctors by their first names, and that she might take from 5 to 10 pills when she wakes up, every day: it might take her, if you greet her and ask her how she is doing, 30 minutes to "tell you her condition" as she has so many of these medical conditions!

She reads her Bible, with the Magnifyer glass, every single day, and she attends the five to ten prayer/church services/sings that are held here every week. she just knows that soon she will look like this lady in the painting, wandering about a heaven garden, maybe collecting a few flowers to plave in a vase, in her home there in heaven. No more pills, no more aches and pains.....

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