Monday, March 27, 2006

a study in rot and life!

a study in rot and life!, originally uploaded by freestone.

a study in rot and life!
yes here is rot, life, flowers.
---on the "hidden path".
[those trees are on the immediate right]

those trees are surely holding up this rotten shed!
note the twisting vines, the wisteria vines, to the left.
Wisteria flowers too. There are at least three vines growing here, wisteria, virgina creeper, "Boston" ivy!
This is what happens in the subtropics, with any untended anything! 60+ inches of rain per year and the first 90 degree day is usually in early April, with nearly 100 days a year of them!
There is the Monsoon too! last year July had 14 inches of rain. The dewpoint temperatures never fall below 70, from may to early October!

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