Friday, March 17, 2006

the Path: again

the Path: again, originally uploaded by freestone.

the Path: again
I took another photo of the path. The azalias are now out at their best, here, on this path.

tallahassee, florida usa.

I actually walked down this 300 foot path, at the time of taking the photo.
Beyond these azalias lies a tropical lush green alleyway that has a feel of "decadence and rot", where thee humidity is always near 90% and the plants have run wild, bamboo three inches in diameter and a shed so rotten that if the termites were to let go holding their hands, the shed would fall down immediately!
i saw several backs yards where the trash cans were covered with mold, and the walls too were moldy. Plants grew on plants, fences covered with vines that grew on top of vines that grew on top of more vines.

--just the Place for the "southern Gothic Novel", or maybe "white man's
decadence in the tropics", or maybe
"heaven or hell in Zambweinee"!

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