Saturday, March 18, 2006

here's lookin' at ya!

here's lookin' at ya!, originally uploaded by freestone.

here's lookin' at ya!
tallahassee, florida, usa

well I walked into that "gate" down that path from
and there are so many strange things along that path, one of them is *THIS* above!

a group of "tree eyes"!

strange things indeed along a path. Also along this path is a house built in the late 1920s, a "meditarrianian" style house, a house of very wonderful beauty and interesting achitexture, but not in a very good place to take a picture of!

probably along this Path, is the "high and the low", the "Angelic and the Demonic": probably feet apart from each other, at that!

like this tallahassee city!!

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