Thursday, March 23, 2006

----from the elderscrolls forum, a lament about the dumbing down of computer games and the way that they are becoming console games.

The software companies want to make money, while this is not any
kind of problem and quite natural, I am not for making a game dumb
just for dumb people...Games should be more demanding and force
lazy people to play and gain enjoyment from puzzles, levelling, etc.

Anyway, I still am going to play ES: IV, but am now aware of the flaws.

---my reply


yes I have watched the sheleves at Electronics boutique and gamestop
do something that looks a bit like those interstate highway"cuts"
through the mountainsides of Pennsylannia, where you can see the geological layers of rock: I have watched the pc games shrink down in their shelf space allotments and the console games grow larger, they do not accept *any* used pc game now so there is little chance of finding a golden classic there.

there is always the internet with spiderware software and "demise", i guess.

the ole story of the lowest common demoniator: look at the Arcades!
--back when they began, there was some very very creative programming done there. then i watched the games slowly become the fighting games and pure violence-as-end.

[i knew of a guy who was stationed on a large 1968 airbase and there were many movies there to be watched over weekends. he had a SUREFIRE way of assuging what moves that he would like, he would wait till most of the barracks mates would have seen the movie and come back to rant about it, if they all loved it, he would not go and if they HATED the movie, he knew that he had a sure fire winner, a movie that he would love: he never ever was wrong!!]

games today, via consoles, access a much much larger group, thus the common demoniator rules.

some 1975-ish hippie, at a ralley to celebrate the apparent death of the hiaght-asebury neighboorhood, gave a speech, a funeral dirge, on "hippie-ness". he said that we all hippies moved one mile so that everyone else could get moved one inch!
----thus these creative masters of gaming programming made it possible for the masses to enjoy Games!

I will say this again.

-------thus these creative masters of gaming programming made it possible for the masses to enjoy Games!

Thus, as the masses go for the Common denominator, you "gaming masters", in game-appreciations, should then look elsewheres for the true gems that are still being programmed, out of sight of the Herd-programmers, probably!

---on the internet.
---small developers.
---old games that are classics.

this holds for BOTH computers and consoles.