Saturday, February 11, 2006

"was a good life"!

"was a good life"!, originally uploaded by freestone.

I, myself, Live at this Senior Independant Living center, Georgia belle. I am 64 years old, and I have lived there now for two years.
There are about 160 residents here, and I have got to know about 40 to 80 people on a at least once per week basis. I have really now began to Understand how each person has a "Tone", a kind of "Soul" where each and every word they utter is colored by this Tone, the sound of the voice is colored, it seems, by the "sum-total-average" of every little experience from their lives that they, deep in their souls, Believe In!

--a positive, slightly sarcastic man about 65 who is an "ear" person, he has about 600 cds/tapes
of music. he slurges on music and sound systems. He eats enough for three men, and he jokes about eating the "diabetic pie" *and* the regular cake too, at supper!
--the lady Who Complains! each thing that she says seems to be an outright complaint, but strangely her heart feels good! I guess when you come from Eastern new England, you are this way by Default.

I find it hard to describe any one case in point, though: each person has a kind of "Aura" and this arua colors everything that is said and done, by this person.
I would imagine how difficult it would be to change too, as this "tone" is deep deep down in the "Bios level", not accessible by windows XP *or* of regular consulings or even a superfical change in attitude either! maybe not even a Profound change in attitude could change this!

10,000 chips of the chisel makes that stone schulpture face, each little one chipping does its bit, they all add up, then when you die this is the Face that you face God with, i guess.