Thursday, February 09, 2006

wall of my room

wall of my room, originally uploaded by freestone.

wall of my room
Here is a shot of the wall in my Kitchen, where there are Interesting posters.
--picture of Jesus with child.
--a graffiti mural from, I think.
--the blue-robed Jesus, to the right of the face of Jesus, is a Watchtower, Jehovah's Witness magazine picture; I often collect drawings from that publication.

note that if you look at this Jehovah's witness picture of Jesus really closely, but out of the side of your focus vision, you might see to the right of Jesus a FACE made up of the figures of several men! An Embedded face! there is also another face to the left of jesus, you might be able to see this in the largest photo.
i have read in the Cult books that there are illustrators in the Witness
publishing office that sneak embedded images into the watchtower newspapers!!
Often of Demons and monsters, they hide!
Apparently this particular image has been treated like of this way: this is why i have it on my wall, i feel "tickled" that this is done!

--that colored sketch, that i made the other day, at the top, is a "memorial" to my deceased sister Suanna Wilson [MSW] 1986. The drawing, shows, to me, the Inner Workings of her life, having little to do with her being a professor of social work while she lived!
--That she lives now in heaven as a result of her Spiritual connections made on earth with Spirit, as *if* there was a Jesus beside her, inside her, in her heart, while she was living her earthly life.

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