Friday, February 03, 2006

tropic blue

tropic blue, originally uploaded by freestone.

tropic blue
Tallahassee, Florida, usa

Oh so blue, oh so Tropical!
The air is a-coming direct from the equator, there is no air polution, no haze. I can feel like I can reach up and touch those clouds!

My apartment, georgia belle, is this tower. An "independant living facility" for 160 people. I wonder if any of the residents, who are mostly in their 60s..70s..80s, are enjoying the wonderful air, so perfumed with flower scents and so blue and clear: *this* is why so many retirees must come to Florida!

Yes, i would be forgiven, if I were to have just seen this photo in another person's Stream, and thought that the ocean was just behind this building, with a sandy beach and palm trees. Oh, there are palm trees here, but the sea is 40 miles away. just the same, the air that is here, today, has come direct from the tropics at the equator level, unsullied by fumes or smoke.
Thus I live in a place of the world where the sky often *looks* as if I were living on a tropical South Sea Pacific Island! This sort of "tropic sky" can exist, with the temperatures that go with it, from early march to early November!

Might be 95 degrees when this photo was taken!

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