Monday, February 13, 2006

near Time for Sunday evening Service

near Time for Sunday evening Service
The dining hall of my Georgia Belle Senior Independant Living facilites, where I live.
About 4 pm, nearly time for the Sunday church evening service. About ten to twenty people attend.

I like this feeling, here, that I feel as I view this photo after I uploaded it. That there is a kind of "wistfullness" here, in this empty hall, as someone has set up the songbooks and it is early so no one has come in yet, thus there is, to me, a kind of "sunseting on the Lives" feeling, here!

a bit of sadness too, I feel, as I sense something "unfinished", like of dreams not lived, as many of these people grew up in the Great 30s Depression, followed by War Industry time, where their dreams had to be put into boxes in the attics, so that their families, their towns, their country, came first and that they came *last*, in the Order of Things!
No it is too too late to dance the dance of life: time to sit back with body ailments, and to watch the Sun go Down. At least they can make peace with their lives that they did live out.

There are about 160 residents, some active and about, some at "nursing home" level where they cannot barely even leave their rooms.

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