Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Hi all...

I, in the prophecies section, started a thread about how I took a photo of a sunset, but the clouds, where in my resulting photo, showed to me images imbedded in these clouds far far more than I can almost "stand"!
I note that these embedded images are over the city of New Orleans, and the photo was taken on january 28th of 2006, exactly six months from August 28th!!
I begin a new thread as I now have more information as to what is embedded.

so here is what I wrote, in my photo desriptions

Embedded images in the clouds; over New Orleans!

sunset, Tallahassee, florida, usa, with my new canon a410.

I am looking to the West from the 2nd floor of my apartment senior home. A nice beautiful sunset.

There is an element of spookyness with this photo as if you look at the very top of that flagpole-thing, then at the right of it, the blob of cirrus clouds seem to spell out several letters!!
I, mysef, and a librarian here at this library where I now sit, and also several people on a "psychic forum" we all see the word SIN in that cloud pattern at
the right of the flagpole tip!
There is also, at the left side of the sin-cloud, a "3". the "S" of "sin" is at the very left, in a small letter in the clouds.
the "3" might mean "the Trinity"!

I would not ordinarily place much importance to objects and words seen in a cloud; after all, especially with Cirrus clouds, it would be easy for anyone to ascribe images to cloud patterns!
But here the "kicker", the Small Painful Thing, about these images is this: I am looking exactly west from the 3rd floor, from Tallahassee, Florida, latitude about 30 degrees 20 minutes North, looking towards New Orleans, the city that is about at just under 29 degrees, 50 minutes North.
This means that if I were to look at the horizon under that cloud pattern, I would be looking *at* New Orleans!
--These clouds line up with New Orleans, thus according to the symbolism of this photo, these images are *over* New Orleans!

symbolicly: that cloud pattern is over New Orleans, and pertains to that city!
Also: this photo was taken on january 28th of 2006, exactly six months from when Katrina was about to hit new orleans!

There is More!

If I were to look at this photo rotated so that the horizon is vertical.
Rotated sunset, image of an Angel now more obvious!

the "rightsideup" photo is here.

If you look at the flagpole, then drop your eyes downwards about a half an inch, there is an image of a person facing to the right.

I rotated this sunset photo so to have this Personage more visible.

A man with a staff. Looks like an Angel, to me. Looks to be a very "Biblical" figure. To me, this image could be from one's childhood Sunday School Bible, that "Illustrated" Bible, where there were paintings of Bible scenes. Thus to me this figure might be one of the shepherd with his staff.
I have the Intuitive feeling that the "object" that seems to be the top of the staff looks almost like of a "microphone". My inferred Meaning: he is speaking words of encourgement and exhortation to the Souls that are in "sin", and he Exhorts them to now get on the Boat that goes to heaven! He looks to be speaking with such enthusiasm!

Yes, there is a Boat, it looks like an ARK, and it is at the top of the flagpole, the flagpole goes through the center of it, and this boat is best seen in the rightsideup photo.

--there is, below that "sin" word, an image of a Biblical figure with a staff like of a shepherd. he looks to be almost as if he is exhorting, as he seems to be using the top of his staff as a microphone! Exhorting the "sinning souls" perhaps.
--then the flagpole runs through the center of another image, that of a BOAT; this looks to be an Ark, another Bible image object!

sin, boat, angel, I have an interpetation.

the sinners are merely those who died without any preparation, without much spirit in their hearts so that they are still fixitated upon the physical world. They look "downwards", from their very low level of the lower astral realms, and see only the astral backsides of the earth plane; "earthbound" they are called, in Spiritualism terms. Their whole center of soul-gravity is in Material realities, thus there is no Jesus in their hearts and precious little else of Spirit.
The Angel is a rescue Angel, representing the work of Heavenly Workers, under Jesus, working to find lost souls and to get them to be able to "get on the Boat" [across the river Jorden] to go off to the real heaven, and to leave being focused on the earthplane.

Rescue of souls who died in the Katrina
devastation of the new orleans area.

----from a news article about the Tidal wave dec 25th 2004.
"A Trip to a Haunted Thai Town
Half of tourist haven Khao Lak's 5,000 people perished in the tsunami. Now, the survivors fear new waves -- and the ghosts of the lost"
---many rescue workers reported seeing actual ghosts, lost souls torn away from their bodies before their time to go, they had no preparation for the afterlife! [they would also have to be rescued, but not by earthly Red Cross workers, but by heavenly Angels and Guides: *this* is what this "cloud mural", to me, shows what is going on at New Orleans, now!

Even this flagpole is part of this scene!
If you look closely at the top of the pole, you can see a bit of cloud that actually *extends* this flagpole even the higher! It is as if one could climb this pole and ascend to heaven, to leave the earth behind!

but this pole is *NOT* a flagpole! There is such a pole just like this one on top of the Empire State Building.
This Hotel, where the pole is on top of, was built before 1938, they tell me and in the late 30s
BLIMPS were the Next New Thing, and that on top of the hotel the guests were supposed to arrive and to LEAVE via blimp! this blimp would tether to the top of the pole, where the "ship" is, then the blimp would lower and then the people would get onto it, then this blimp would cast off and up and away!
--oh how synchronisticly symbolic of what is in this photo!!