Wednesday, February 22, 2006

a door into 1952

a door into 1952, originally uploaded by freestone.

a door into 1952
a door of a resident at my senior resident apartment house, Georgia Belle.
Behind that door is probably the Dates, 1929 to 1963. the Mindset, anyway.

I do not know this man, I pass this door often as i leave the Store, i have a Door, myself, on another floor.

I cover his nametag with a tissue, not only for obvious reason, but to use his door as a collective description of what I think, of that whole generation that grew up in the great Depression and WW II, and the consevative aftermath.

Alady once wrote an editorial in the Tallahassee Democrat, on Veterans day, saying....

"my Uncle Henry, the WW II vet, is very
fixed in his habits and is conservative and opinionated to the extreme. I now see WHY he is! He grew up, and lived, when you obey orders and did not think for yourself ever, you could die on the battlefield in moments if you did. You considered change in any form to be a sign of weakness, you would break before you bent. Everything was een in either GOOD or EVIL, not a shade of grey there was: you knew who your friends were and your enimies! You found Higher Authority, and obeyed it without any questions whatsoever! In civilian life, during the depression years/war years, you put family, town, country first and you came utterly LAST! you put all of your childhood dreams in the attic, in boxes, and never touched them again. had to, as your dawn to dusk work supported your family, your town, your country!
So, now my uncle is out of step with the Times, but he did save civilization for you, in the 1940s! It was he, and his fellows, that "made the dancing floor, for you to dance upon", he never considered ever ever dancing himself, in sacrifice. thus all that our generation now does, depended upon what he did during his lifetimes!

So; I do not ever expect my uncle to change. he will live with this "black/white" fixed opinions until he dies, but his and his people's actions saved this country so that I can live in it!"

there are many many doors here, in this 12 floor building, many of the doors have flags and veteran's decors on them: many "Uncle Henrys", not necessarily that conservative.


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