Wednesday, February 22, 2006

a Center of the Tallahassee universe!

a Center of the Tallahassee universe!
the old May Tree. From 1844, about 20 years after Tallahassee was settled, until about 1968, the May Day Celebration was held around this tree. This Live Oak, about four foot in diameter and I counted the rings, years ago, about 350 to 400+ years old, was the Meeting point. Was out in the country then, now it is right downtown!
This park was lined with mansions and plantation houses, and on May 1st, the group of young girls would dress up in crinoline, "southern Gothic"...right out of "Gone With The Wind", southern dresses, and "Dance around the maypole, the maypole being this tree! Of course these dresses were not "old fashioned" in 1880!

The ladies also established a private public library about a block away, a library that remained *as* a private plantation upper crust private library until even 1980, or so!

Oh so southern Gothic, a pagan holiday, may 1st, the old south antebellum ways of life of the upper social elete and the landed gentry of the Old South.

Much Mystry here!

They ceased holding this celebration when "Springtime Tallahassee" began, around 1968, a "mardi gras" type of parade and downtown arts and craft event where 100,000 people come, around early April, held just behind this stump, for blocks and blocks filling up the downtown. That old library is the headquarters of this festival, still the provence of the New Money and the old plantation landowners and old gentry!

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