Friday, January 06, 2006

---a post to a list, about prophecy, spiritual wars, and why prophecies fail!

we live in dangerous times.

I recall the FAR JOURNEYS book, written by Robert Monroe, of the Monroe institute, the founder of a way for awake astral travel, where the
remote viewing people got much of their training from , I read.
In this book, he speaks of the "Gathering", where space crafts from all over the galaxy have come to earth to Watch, Monroe saw this with his own eyes, as the Master Guides took him to see this. For the earth is at a critical point in crisis and opportunity for a major major spiritual "upkick"
in evolution, and there were many many Probable outcomes. The ships
were there to watch and to even have meddling done, by some of the ship's crews! For this event is rare, in the galaxy, Monroe was told.

This travel was years ago, maybe in the late 1980s. Monroe has since died. One of the disciples, himself, OBEd, using the Method, to where these ships were stationed and they were still there!

Bob Monroe's second book, Far Journeys, was first published in 1985 and in it, in a chapter entitled, The Gathering, Bob described an area now called Focus 34/35 in the Exploration 27 program. According to Bob's 1985 description, Beings, or Intelligences, from many other locations within the physical universe are gathered together around the earth to witness what have come to be called, the Earth Changes. Much has been written by many other authors about these events, including dire predictions of horrific alterations to earth's land masses and populations. Each participant in the program has the opportunity to learn about these coming events via first hand, direct experience. Each comes to this opportunity with his or her own preconceived notions, which I'm certain color the experience. For readers not familiar with Bob's description of the Gathering it's excerpted from Far Journeys below. Bob was exploring Out of Body (OOB) and had been led to the Gathering by his INSPEC, someone he, years later, discovered was a future self. This excerpt is the first half of a nonphysical conversation between Monroe and his INSPEC, whose words are in parentheses and italics. The second half is reprinted later.
The following material is excerpted from the third book in my Exploring the Afterlife Series Voyages Into the Afterlife: Charting Unknown Territory. These experiences took place during a program at The Monroe Institute. called, Exploration 27.

"As a network of Aliens, or Other Home Worlders if you prefer. We each have our own home world in the physical universe. Each home world has sent a contingent here to observe the earth changes as you call them. We are located here where you've found us, in relatively close proximity to the earth. But we are just a small group of astronauts here on a mission from our home world. It's our understanding that one of the potential results of the earth changes, as you call them, is that earth will be joining our federation."

-----a very very very long article

but in the main, there are many paths this "Event' can take.
there are those who would like to Influence this event to go their way!
Git your finger in the Racial pie now and the whole future of the human race, for eternity, will have your Influence upon it!
and...You will be able to continue this influence forever as you are permanently connected.....This "super-meddler"!!

Thus the many "collectives" of minds, influenced by who knows what alien/spiritgroup/ in or out of the physical incarnation, trying to influence
the rest of us to become of their ways. If they win, the Race is theirs!

I know of at least two "over-meddler" spirit groups, surely represented by many alien civilizations that they have "won" over!

1...The Masters in spirit who believe that while God exists, he is not a conscious entity, "no one home", so that there is no One to pray to, might as well try to pray to "electricity", or to the sun's rays! The highest self-conscious beings are those in the Mind level of spirit, so that the highest that the soul can aspire to, individually is to the Mind level. The next level up is the God level all right, but there is no "self" there, God has no self and the god-level that is right above the Mind level is the Plane of
God's laws.
thus the souls aspire to become totally all Law, the mind should
follow trying to become "as" God, by being all Law determined.
The "chain of command" from this mind level, has the guides inspire this way of life, to live utterly as an Incarnation of God's law, downwards upon the earth, for ordinary mortals to live by.

just guess which group expresses this?!!

2...The Urantia book, however, speaks how there IS a level of God, a level above "mind" called the "plane of the creator Sons". These entities are the very first self-aware level, downwards from God.
Thus there IS a level above Mind, and part of God, that "has someone home" and can be prayed to and to receive a personal reply to, from even on earth.
the Vibration these sons work on, throughout the galaxy, is "creation, imagination, and
The creator son, the Urantia book says, that is directing the earthsphere evolution, is named "THE CHRIST"!
[enough said, you know the rest!]

there thus is a "war" in heaven and on earth, between those of these two major schools of evolution of humanity.

Is one "saved" by Law? [old testament-only]
Is one "Saved" by becoming one with the Christ...union = love?

a long "digression" here folks, a "near-hijack" of the thread, but to me,
this post delineates the "battlelines", thus the predictions of seerers and prophets reflect, not so much the "side" that the prophet is on, but the prophet sees the "troop's plans" on both sides of the battlelines.

but each of us are not mere pawns on a cosmic chessboard! Our choices will turn the tide, of this struggle. Not even what each of us DOES, but what each of us THINKS, and FEELS with our hearts, count maybe even the more!

take a "for instance"!
---suppose the "law" overspirit guides want a volcano to erupt in the middle of one enemy country. If this mountain erupts according to a plan, thousands of square miles are disrupted. The Objective: to install FEAR into the hearts of this country's people so that they will seek out the protection of God's Law, and bond with the Security of God's law, as interpreted by the leaders of the God's-law-people-groups, now incarnated upon the earth. A true Spiritual Terrorism, as any event induced from spirit, to induce fear, is indeed "Terrorism"!!
Naturally, there is not a shred of connection between an erupting volcano
and any political group from another country: the connection only exists in the Spirit realms!
The prophets and seers see the astral heavenly Plan. See the consequences. See the results.

however, in my analogy here, the "other side" will now also influence.
Thus the outcome of the eruption will depend upon how much LOVE and forgiveness each of us has, and has developed, after the eruption-plan is instituted. If all of the "virtues" and the ways of the Christ are made much more operative, in our daily lives, the actual eruption will not occur in the way that the Makers intended, from the mind level of Spirit planes!
maybe this volcano will erupt all right, but the article in the newspaper is only three inches in size; the volcano sends some lava down the slope and wipes out four farms, and that is ALL the damage that this eruption does!

People slightly then Diss the prophet who saw the event to be of a major eruption, an eruption that would supposed to have brought a great economic depression to this country and make people fearful so that they would follow God"s laws, and stop being so creative and adventurous in soul-growth matters! Of course this seer saw truly, but that this event was overwritten, not only by of a Greater Spirit, but because of the People in the country "repenting" as it were, by becoming more loving and more "spiritual".

people think that "God's judgment" is a negative thing, but the sword of judgment swings both ways, that balance of the scales *does* have the ability to tip in each direction!
Thus, "MERCY" is also a judgment!
a positive judgment, as in...."A certain high school student is accepted at Cornell university, a school that accepts only one out of ten people who
apply"! This student hoped, but thought that he might not have been qualified enough. But in this case, while that was literally so, Spirit
intervened, as Spirit sees that this kid could really really benefit, not only his own soul growth, by this admission to Cornell, but to benefit many many other people's lives after he begins his career. But this student
might only think that he had good fortune!!
just as with this volcano: a few local people will attend a farmer's funeral, and the geologists will thank certain geological processes that this eruption could have been larger in size but was not. No one will know
what terrible fate did not happen! But the seerer who saw this eruption, will still remember his images, however that is now the only place that these images reside, as the actual event is now over-written by another event.

Thus the timelines are littered with "failed" prophets!

I pray that many of these prophets, including some of my own visions, are also to become "failed events", by the same token!

may each of us Love, Imagine, be wise, and do good: do our part, us "grunts", the "footsoldiers",

in this here spiritual "war"!!