Tuesday, January 31, 2006

the Path

the Path, originally uploaded by freestone.

the Path
a small path leading to another street. lots of spanish moss, many trees are evergreen, here in tallahassee, even in winter.

a mysterious path, here in the subtropics, the mystery of what is at the other end?!

This city of Tallahassee, florida,usa, has many many paths and trails just like of this one! The smallest patch of woods is a jungle, I could almost imagine a 1880 girl with a hoop skirt, playing with a wooden hoop, coming down this path!
[In 1960, I *DID* look behind an old southern tallahassee mansion to see a 10 year old girl wearing an 1880 hoop skirt; she was playing with a wooden hoop, rolling it with a stick!! For years I thought that I had seen a ghost, then last month I met the lady who *was* that girl!! She was walking into this same old house and I told her the story and she said that when she was 10 years old, she would get out of the closet, the costumes that were used for the 1960 city festival, and then she would play with a skirt hoop, wearing some of these skirts from the 1880s!]
So where does this path lead? The lush growth could Evoke all sorts of possibilities!

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