Wednesday, January 04, 2006

hi all...

Here is last night's dream, a dream where I went to a ???? scene where
I had the distinct feeling this area of the land is where Survivors live.
a "kind of way way, or not so way, in the Future, kind of thing"!

The skies were grey, never never ending grey! Gloomy clouds, hazy sky, no light, no sun! The land looked ruined, the fields were all grown over, in what used to be farmlands. The houses looked all unlived in, unattended. I stood in what could have been an area of the usa where farming was done, I walked around a rural area, open countryside, abandoned fields everywheres. Maybe like in Upstate new York, where i was born and raised
I entered some of the houses, only to find rot and abandoned stuff all strewn around. I walked from house to house, each house was far apart, looking for people. I found one house that had a very *very* strange "artifact" in it! There was a table running the whole side of the room from end to end and on this here table were what looked like old television sets, about ten of them laid end to end, about two feet apart. Someone had pasted paper cutouts of people, like as if from magazines, on the blank, dead, screens of these tvs! As if maybe someone wanted to be reminded of "television", when now there were no more electric and no more tv stations! But now this house was empty, the dweller was also gone. My dream attention was now drawn to these tvs! The paper cutouts were moving! They all began to dance and move on each and every tv, all in random dancing, as if the cutouts were minicing real images of tv images!! How could this be? How could they move, being pasted on a dead tube-screen?!
I left this house and wandered for miles and miles, the dream hours seemed like days. i saw some breaks in the clouds to the southeast, so I wandered in that direction. All of the roads were etiher under water or had trees growing in them! I walked for hours mostly across barren fields. I them came up upon a "real' dirt road, a road with ruts. i followed this road to a house, a somewhat old house that was built in the "new age style"; i could see by the worn yard that someone lived in it now.
The next scene was where I had talked to the person at great length, not really recalling what was talked about. he mentioned that he had to 'go to work" now, as his volenteering was to fix roads, and thus us two walked out to an old road grader, and i got onto it with him and he
drove it along the dirt road for several miles and then he dropped me off.
I stood there a minute, then walked some more, southwards, walked towards yet more lighted skies. i could then hear a dull roaring sound, i walked faster toward where this dirt road intersected a real paved road, with Zooming cars, by the dozens, zooming along at about 50 miles per hour!
[what he heck?!]
I walked a long this paved road, now, for several miles, to see a group of buildings along a lake. in the side yard was a pile of rotting fruit, oranges, I could tell that these came from a local grove and well they would as I noted the live oak trees drapped with spanish moss, around this lake!
But i could still see, off to the northwest, the edge of the clouds of the dull grey skies region, the place that i walked from hours before! 1200 miles of walking in maybe five dream walking miles: what gives?!

well, Peanut Gallery members, who read this, many of you would have assumed that this dream is a "Survivor dream after the Changes"! Some readers might have thought that I was writing about what our country will be like after some major Event of destruction.


Certain dream events Give this Dream Away! My dream is a dream of going out of body to walk around an astral, afterlife, world! These worlds are very close together, in vibration, thus in "space", thus i can travel by foot from one to another quickly. That row of tvs! Those paper images were animated by astral energy of the previous owner, having just arrived after death and he missed his television, thus he created the images and animated them. Eventually he moved on to a better realm, leaving the empty house, a house so close to his earth-memories. Most of the people, here, have moved on in progressions, and only the "lagards", who die having little of Spirit in their hearts and lives, tend to come here, to occupy these sorry houses, in a never-ending grey day forever, until they can Move On, and leave, to be replaced yet by more newcomers...

I post this account, in detail, too, as a PRECAUTIONARY warning: that there are probably indeed people who have dreams like this and they think that what they see, and experience, is a "end times aftermath"
dream! they then post it, write it up in a book, and the readers might too think that this "place" is on the physical earth, whereas my dreamplace is in heaven, the spirit realm, the "etheric", not on earth material world, and not in our PHYSICAL future!
[actually this place *could* be in your future faster than you think: when the time comes that you die!!]

I wonder how many other visions, posted as a "earthchange survivor dream", are like of this?! Readers might end up thinking that these probabile futures are for our physical earth, whereas these Seen realities are really in the astral/spirit realms: some of the worlds of Entrance, where souls begin their progressions to higher, better, heavens!