Tuesday, January 10, 2006


glorious, originally uploaded by freestone.

oh my!

Yet another Tallahassee, Florida, USA, sunset, glorious to behold.
Taken in the early evening, about the middle of September, after the Hurricanes.

Jan 10th, 2006....
Someone in the prophecies forums
saw an angel with wings outstretched.
The one with id #449 looks like it has two angels with the wings spread!!! In the reddish part on the right!! Can you see them?[/quote].

Yes, I see the Wings. This *would* make this photo "Glorious" indeed!
I must have an uncounscious "eye" for this, seeing these and then taking the pictures!

For those people who would believe that angels would indeed manipulate the cloud matter to create images of "classical angels", I would say to them, that I have always considered this area of the country to be Blessed. But probably all places of the world have angels who Guard and bless the area under their influnces. The Bible, and other spiritual books, say that this is so, that angels watch over cities and countries, and of especially pretty areas of the world, and sacred places too!
However, it is even more possible, while angels exist, they would "wait" till a "random" angel-pattern exists, then they would quickly Inspire me to get my camera out!


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